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Our team studies every field of law, finding the nexus between specialization and generalization.

Banking and Financial Law

We are experts in negotiations with financial entities and also at analyzing the contractual diversity that exists among businesses.

Accountability and Business Counseling

We support your enterprise on their law, accountability and society obligations.

Civil Law

We help you on Civil Law issues in Spain or abroad, among every European jurisdiction.

Inheritance and Gifts 

We do counsel in will's drafting or relatives agreements, focused in the execution of the last will and avoid conflicts in this matter, offering an alternative resolution to this events.

Family Law

The firm advises in divorce procedure, separation agreements, friendly or contentious and dissolution of the economic regime.

Competition and EU Law

We advise in avoiding infractions and also in the investigation by the regulatory authorities and their impact in businesses.


We prepare your tax plan, optimizing tax pressure and defining correctly a strategy that keeps your society inside the legal standard. We counsel in every kind of tax procedure and all instances.

Real Estate

The firm assists in every Real Estate operation, such as contract drafting, leasing, renting, warrants, and others. We do advise on legal aspects of soil and constructions.

Labor Law

We cousel workers and businesses on their rights and obligations with each part and public entities.

Business Law

We offer integral advise on businesses' constitution and every kind of society, and also in legal aspects in the business life.

Criminal Law

We accompany you in the uncertain panorama that criminal procedures are. Whether defending or accusing, we do support you. Our team is specialist in economic felonies and gender-based violence. 

Public and Regulatory Law

We act within the public administration and the entities that conform it. We assure legal assistance in administrative processes and administrative litigation.

Construction and Environment Law

The firm advises in processes that involve expropiations, administrative licenses or environmental licenses. We also defend the client's interests in case of tort, negligence or responsibility.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

We show you the path in matter or creations, patents, inventions and their defence. We support in the bureaucracy needed to inscribe such items at their pertinent registry.

New Technologies

The firm has the resources to solve your doubts about legal and tax treatment of new technologies such as Blockchain or Big Data.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team can guide you in transactional issues and agreements, gathering all the elements that conform this discipline: corporate, finances or negotiation.

Restructurings and Bankruptcy

In case of difficult events or a complicated business o personal situation, we advise on any measure that can help to the economic continuity. We assist people and enterprises in case of bankruptcy or a prevision of it.

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